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Nutrition for Every. Body. 
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I help people who have a history of disordered eating and metabolic conditions to find nutrition support from an additive, rather than restrictive,  perspective.


Diet culture tells us that if we can just obsess more about food by counting calories, eating “clean,” and restricting more and more foods, we will achieve “optimal” health. This is, quite plainly, not true.


Contrary to popular belief, the size of your body does not correlate with your level of health, and eating “clean” and/or restricting entire groups of foods will not "optimize” your health!

(*The exception to this is people who have true food allergies or specific disease conditions that prevent them from being able to eat certain foods. Restriction is appropriate in these cases.)

My hope for my clients is that they can experience freedom from restrictive patterns of eating that are under the guise of “health,” and that they can experience true vitality and well-being through cultivating gentle, evidence-based practices into their lives that build variety and satisfaction.

Read more about how I work with people.


Or book a discovery call and we can discuss any questions you might have:

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Access these free resources to help get you started:
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About Julianne



I am a Certified Nutrition Specialist working from a weight-inclusive, evidence-based approach to health and healing. 


I offer practical tools for overcoming disordered eating patterns and for supporting specific health conditions using medical nutrition therapy and integrative nutrition. 


This work is not theoretical for me. I have also struggled with these challenges myself. Helping others to heal their relationship with food and their bodies is very close to my heart.

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“There is a reason Julianne was at the top of her graduate program class. She is methodical, open minded, up to date on groundbreaking research, and has a way of making anyone feel comfortable. Many nutritionists may claim to be weight neutral and accepting but Julianne walks the walk and has faced resistance for her ability to stay true to her ethics. Not only is she socially conscious and accepting, she helps others advocate for their health. Julianne truly is the nutritionist for every body.”

Sarah M.

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